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artist's statement
​I am a scavenger and an iron hound. Since I was a child, rusty iron remnants discarded by past lives, have lured me. Old beds and cars and other rotting, wonderful iron carcasses call out to me. They are rich in history and speak of, perhaps, a simpler way of life. I love the shapes, and the color and texture of the rust. I love that nature is changing these objects, it is reclaiming them. The only constant is change. I continue their metamorphosis by imagining, creating and elaborating on new lives for these forgotten objects.

Ancient folklore states that iron is the blood or life force of the earth. It is also believed to be a protector. Like the iron fence surrounding a cemetery, believed to contain the souls of the dead, or the iron horseshoe hung right side up to catch good luck. 
With my scavenging, I gather palpable life force and strength which sees me through this artistic journey that has reignited from my scrap collecting youth on the Halifax waterfront. Each one I create is a little different from the last. They continue to evolve alongside the artist in me. I am most passionate about my seahorse and lobster series. It amuses me that the lobster is also a scavenger.